Daniel Rink   |   Cinematographer


On location in Alaska for the short “Finding Fire”

On location in Alaska for the short “Finding Fire”

Daniel Rink works as a cinematographer in Los Angeles. Originally from Oregon, Daniel is an avid skier and wakeboarder whose interest in still photography led him to cinematography.

Daniel earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production from Brooks Institute and was nominated for an ASC Student Heritage award for his first thesis film, Ai.

His second thesis film For The Birds, screened at more than 40 film festivals worldwide and won over a dozen awards such as a Student Emmy, a Student DGA award and the Oscar qualifying CIFF award. Having shot 3 feature films, Daniel continues to shoot narrative features, shorts, commercials, documentary and music videos for artists such as Rick Ross, Tyga, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Ink, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign and many more.


2013 ASC Student Heritage Award Nominee

2012 Brooks Institute Special Recognition Award


Narrative - Feature

Black Pumpkin / Alexa Mini / Dir. Ryan McGonagle

The Next Big Thing Sony A7S Dir. Brody Gusar

Designer Pups  / Sony F3 / Dir. Matt Holwick


Narrative - Short Films

Love Spoken / Arri Amira / Dir. Andrea Navedo

The Circle / Sony F5 / Dir. Tara Atashgah

Papua / Red Epic Dragon / Dir. Johnny Rey Diaz

I’m Not Here / Arri Amira / Dir. Matt McGee

Silent / Red Epic Dragon / Dir. Paul Baker

Finding Fire / Arri Alexa Dir. Bradford Jackson

Still Moon   / Super 16mm  /   Dir. Kevin Huang

Splendid Bodies RED Scarlet Dragon / Dir. Tim Kochs

For The Birds  / RED Epic  /  Dir. Tara Atashgah

 ^*2013 Winner Student DGA Award - Best Woman director

^*2014 2nd place Student Emmy Award - Best Short Film - Drama

Sunset on Cabrillo Blvd   / HPX-2700 /  Dir. Kevin Huang

    ^*Winner Santa Barbara International Film Festival 10-10-10 Competition

Ai (Love)   / RED Epic /  Dir. Kevin Huang

^*2013 ASC Student Heritage Award Nominee

Die Rothaarige  / RED One MX Dir. Tim Kochs

1918   / Super 16mm Dir. Tim Kochs


Music Video

Will Gittens - A Day With You / Arri Amira / Dir. Tara Atashgah

Gin Wigmore- Written in the Water / RED Epic /  Dir. Zachariah De Cairo

Owen Thiele & Zack Sekoff - Run / RED Epic /  Dir. Zachariah De Cairo

Gin Wigmore - New Rush / Phantom flex 4K / Dir. Zachariah de Cairo 

Rohff - L'Oseilles / RED Epic / Dir. Alex Nazari

Kid Ink Feat. Tyga - Iz U Down  / RED Epic /   Dir. Alex Nazari 

Kid Ink - Fuck Sleep  / RED Scarlet /   Dir. Alex Nazari

Lupe Fiasco - 1234   / RED Epic /  Dir. Alex Nazari

Ty Dolla $ign feat. Wiz Khalfa - Irie  / RED Epic /   Dir. Alex Nazari

Cassie Feat. Rick Ross - Numb  / RED Epic / Dir. Alex Nazari

^*Additional Photography

Kid Ink Feat. MGK - Hell & Back Remix  / RED Epic /   Dir. Jake Janisse

YG Feat. Nipsey Hustle - Broke Bitch / RED Epic /  Dir. El Cid

Jesse Rhodes - Zombie Nibble  / Canon 5D MkIII /   Dir. Brent Sumner


Web Media

Sporttechnik M1 Electric Bicycles - Freedom Biker / RED Epic-W / Dir. Max Skrein

Caesars Entertainment - Gen X Campaign / Alexa Mini / Dir. Sarah Wilson Thacker

Caesars Entertainment - Silver Fox Campaign / Alexa Mini / Dir. Sarah Wilson Thacker

Jameson Web Commercials / Arri Alexa /  Dir. David Brashear

Nextiva Analytics Arri Alexa Mini Dir. Tony Calvis

Palisades Justice / Sony F5 / Dir. Jess Canty

Placeba  / RED One MX /  Dir. Stephen Cox

Children's Bureau  / 2 Perf 35mm /   Dir. Matt Holwick